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Best of both worlds in Bozeman

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and also someone who likes to check out life downtown, Bozeman is the place for you!! You can head to Hyalite Canyon to marvel at Grotto and Arch falls, hike the M or Drinking Horse or head to Lava Lake and be back to enjoy life downtown.


Lava Lake is a beautiful Montana mountain lake hiking experience that showcases what the mountain high country is like. The trail is well marked and easy to find and easy to follow. The Lava Lake hike is manageable for most hikers but please note that it climbs steadily for its entire length. Don't miss this opportunity to try this hike and see for yourself why it is a favorite and be back in for dinner and Bozeman's fun nightlife.

Hike the "M" or Drinking Horse

Both the landmark "M" hike and Drinking Horse trails are at the mouth of Bridger Canyon. They are close to Bozeman and very popular, these trails are used as a lunchbreak loop or out-and-back. The views of the Gallatin Valley are spectacular, and each trail offers both an easier and moderate route. Just follow the signs!